Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Celibacy & Weddings

It was the week of weddings.  Cyndie Hoffman wed Benni Klorer on Sunday, October 7, and Steph Feilzer wed Dave Johnson on Saturday, October 13.  Absolutely fun week all around: strong flirting with a hot guy, dancing up a storm at both weddings, and having deep discussions with great friends.  But best part was an unexpected discussion on words of the day in a surreal setting.  Still smiling when I think about it.

Life is looking up for all I know and love which makes me breathe a sigh of relief!

Now if only I could get rid of this bad habit of celibacy that's been in play since N. was born.  Double sigh.  Easier written than done.  Going to not only need to lose weight to feel comfy naked but mostly need to find someone who really wants to be a friend with benefits and does NOT want a relationship....and knows how to be discreet...highly ironic since I'm putting this on the

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What in the world?

Not feeling rested when I awoke all week led to a series of surreal dreams last night. Part of the Jersey Shore cast were some of my 8th graders. Since some of the class' books were not covered they were put into Category 1 from Torchwood's Miracle Day mini-series. Then we were being observed on one side of a room, not the one I currently occupy, while others were just hanging out and hugging on another side of the room. Then I went down a long hallway met a scientist who helped me and my ex-husband take a tulip bulb and put it in a solution while pumping it with extra water. It was supposed to then sprout early but the bulb had been a female creature, not quite animal/insect but somewhere in between. Now we were wondering what the new creature would be when adding the tulip part to it. So my ex (who in reality I haven't seen in years) went to go lie down in a geodesic dome that on the inside looked like my first apartment.

Note to self: No more toast before bedtime.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Slings and Arrows

So many hurtful comments have come to my knowledge recently that it pains me to say that I'm a softie and why don't people know this? I am not nearly as Teflon-proof as I appear to be...sigh. Perhaps, the Greteling of my exterior is to protect against these at worst malicious & at best clueless comments, yet the slings and arrows always manage to make it to the cushiony interior that deflates with sorrow upon their arrival....sigh.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random Musing on an Overcast Summer Day

The overgrown bush outside of my window thinks that it is a tree. It has great aspirations to touch the sky and to overshadow all other plants in its way. Very happily intimidating as it provides shelter from the creepy next door neighbor....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Been a while

I have not been on for nearly four years. Part of it was the change to MySpace, then Facebook, then Twitter, and back to Facebook but mostly it was the birth of Nathaniel Scott Nelson. He has changed my life in ways that I cannot even remotely explain. He is such a HAPPY soul that it makes me smile.